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Attic Inspection Included
Free Attic Inspection

You may not give much thought to your attic beyond the occasional handy storage space. But the attic plays a crucial role in many elements of your home, including comfort, energy efficiency and roof protection.

Your attic can easily attract moisture, which means it’s important to keep an eye on it. Moisture tends to rise, and it can follow your ceilings and walls up into the attic. Without good ventilation, it will stay in the attic and create mold, mildew or other kinds of damage. And since your attic may go weeks or months at a time without anyone in it, that damage can build up quite a bit.

An incorrectly insulated or poorly ventilated attic can cause heat-based roofing damage in the summer and make ice melt and refreeze in the winter, creating dangerous and damaging ice dams. Gaps in the edges can make the attic an attractive home for rodents. In some cases, poor attic ventilation will void the warranty on your roof.

We assign a professional, Licensed Attic Inspector to come to your home and take a look at all these elements and provide us with the insight we need as we ensure a properly installed roof! They will then send us your inspection report, and we will provide you a copy as well.

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