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Roof Replacement in Harper Woods

Harper Woods, a city celebrated for its close-knit community and suburban appeal, can trust The Roof Resource for reliable roof replacement services. Our licensed and insured team guarantees quality service that safeguards your home.

Our quote process is 100% virtual, ensuring your convenience and clarity. We are committed to beating your lowest proposal and promising you exceptional value.

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Weather & Roof facts in Harper Woods

How does the weather affect your roof?

Here are the averages and totals for different weather events in Harper Woods that can impact your Roof

Wind 10.9 mph
Rain 106 rainfall days with 8” precipitation
Snow 34 snowfall days with 4” of snow
How often it hails Zero reports of hail and 38 severe weather warnings in the past 12 months
Average High Temperature 79.3 °F
UV Annual Average 6 UVI
Hurricanes/Tornadoes Low-risk level with one tornado per year (64 since 1950)

How are roof replacement prices in Harper Woods?

Here are the averages and totals for different weather events in Harper Woods that can impact your Roof

Average Roof Replacement Price $7,040
Average Roof Size 1,250 sq. ft.
Increase in home value 75%
When winter arrives, the temperature drops significantly, averaging around 27°F (-3°C). January, in particular, brings the coldest nights, with an average low of 18.3°F. Alongside the cold, our area receives a considerable amount of snowfall during the winter months.

To ensure your home is well-protected year-round, The Roof Resource is here to offer top-tier roof replacement services. Our expertise guarantees you a sturdy and weather-resistant roof that can withstand Harper Woods’ climate challenges.

Don’t let the changing seasons take a toll on your home’s safety and comfort. Contact us at 1-844-334-3979 for a 100% virtual quote and secure your peace of mind today.

What our Customers in Harper Woods have to say

Derek F. Avatar
Derek F.
3/17/2024 - Google
From the initial quote, to the roof/attic inspection and finally the roof removal and installation it was a positive experience. Communication was timely and everyone was professional throughout the process. Best of all, they were several thousand dollars cheaper than the others who quoted our roof (using the same materials). I would not hesitate to use again or recommend.
3/04/2024 - Google
Chad's amazing. Great concept. Couldn't be happier.
Jason W. Avatar
Jason W.
3/03/2024 - Google
Great job on install of my new roof. From start to finish it was a smooth process. Thank you Brian and Trevor for making this experience as smooth as it was. I will add photos as soon as I am able to get up on my roof. Thank you

Should I replace or repair my roof?

When considering roof maintenance, repairing might seem like a viable option. However, with The Roof Resource, you can discover that roof replacement can often be a better and more cost-effective solution.

Roof Repair Easy in Harper Woods

Harper Woods, MI, nestled east of Detroit, beckons with its allure. Discover the Harper Woods Library, a haven of books, or the Saint Thomas Seminary for outdoor enthusiasts.
Just like Harper Woods nurtures its community, let us nurture your home. With Roof Replacement Services by The Roof Resource, safeguard your haven with a new roof. Call us today at 1-844-334-3979 to secure your peace of mind. Your Harper Woods home deserves the best.

Our Guarantee

We carry a multimillion dollar
liability insurance policy so you’re
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Our Guarantee

We carry a multimillion dollar
liability insurance policy so you’re
fully covered.

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