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Roof Replacement in Spicewood

Spicewood, Texas, boasts a unique blend of a lower cost of living, exceptional schools, and a wealth of activities. It’s the perfect place for those seeking tranquility without compromising on convenience. Whether you envision a peaceful retirement or a vibrant family life, Spicewood offers it all, making it an ideal destination for homeowners.

At The Roof Resource, we understand the appeal of Spicewood and the importance of protecting your home in this charming community. Our expert roof replacement services are designed to provide you with the security and visual appeal your home deserves. Just as Spicewood offers a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, we prioritize creating roofing solutions that balance durability and aesthetics.

Contact us today at 1-844-334-3979 for a virtual quote and let us transform your roof into a durable and visually stunning asset for your home.

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Weather & Roof facts in Spicewood

How does the weather affect your roof?

Here are the averages and totals for different weather events in Spicewood that can impact your Roof
Wind 9.6 mph
Rain 138 rainfall days with 25” precipitation
Snow 1.4 snowfall days with 0.28” of snow
How often it hails 2 reports of hail and 28 severe weather warnings in the past 12 months
Average High Temperature 95.5°F
UV Annual Average 7 UVI
Hurricanes/Tornadoes High-risk level with two tornadoes per year (175 since 1950)

How are roof replacement prices in Spicewood?

Here are the averages and totals for different weather events in Spicewood that can impact your Roof
Average Roof Replacement Price $7,450
Average Roof Size 990 sq. ft.
Increase in home value 72%

In Spicewood, the weather can present various hazards throughout the year. Summers bring hot and oppressive conditions, while winters are short, cold, and windy. The region experiences partly cloudy skies year-round, with the potential for severe weather events.

Spicewood is considered a high-risk area for tornadoes, with historical records showing a significant tornado in 1997, rated as an F4 on the Fujita scale. This tornado resulted in 5 injuries and 1 death, highlighting the potential dangers tornadoes pose.

Additionally, while Spicewood has a minor risk of flooding, it is essential to stay prepared for any unexpected heavy rainfall or flash flooding events. Being proactive and taking necessary precautions can help mitigate the impact of these weather hazards on the community.

What our Customers in Spicewood have to say

Robin P. Avatar
Robin P.
5/21/2024 - Google
I am so excited about my new roof. Working with the roof resource was seamless from the first conversation all the way through the last steps of registering my new roof. So fast I had a roof in less then two weeks from when I signed up. I saved roughly $5000 of my lowest estimate from a contractor. Thank all of you for the great work and I will definitely be recommending you in the future.
Heath L. Avatar
Heath L.
5/07/2024 - Google
Great experience working with Adam and his team at The Roofing Resource! Great price and quality workmanship!
Roman W. Avatar
Roman W.
5/07/2024 - Google
Chad and Dana at The Roof Resource are awesome! Their process is transparent and the pricing is the best in the Front Range. I was able to replace my roof with an upgraded class 4 hail resistant shingle for less than the insurance payout. That’s ever after my deductible! If you need a new roof, this is the place to go. You will be in good hands every step of the way.

Should I replace or repair my roof?

When considering roof maintenance, repairing might seem like a viable option. However, with The Roof Resource, you can discover that roof replacement can often be a better and more cost-effective solution.

Roof Repair Easy in Spicewood

Our experienced roofing technicians handle every aspect of your roof replacement project, ensuring a hassle-free experience. We’ve got you covered, from initial assessments to meticulous installations and comprehensive clean-ups.

Refrain from letting roofing concerns disrupt your Spicewood dream. Contact The Roof Resource today at 1-844-334-3979 for a free consultation and quote. Discover how we can enhance the protection and beauty of your home, allowing you to enjoy the tranquil and convenient lifestyle that Spicewood, Texas, promises.

Our Guarantee

We carry a multimillion dollar
liability insurance policy so you’re
fully covered.

Our Guarantee

We carry a multimillion dollar
liability insurance policy so you’re
fully covered.

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