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Brad W. Avatar
Brad W.
9/14/2023 - Google
Update: 09/13/23 Just wanted to do a quick update and say that all has gone well a year after my roof replacement. I have had no issues at all and I am completely happy with Roof Resourses and the work! Roof Resources acted as the contact point in setting and getting all roofing materials and labor for a complete roof replacement at a very good price. I had the ability to upgrade to the shingle I wanted and saved about $3500 over other estimates. You work with them to pick out your shingles and they figure out all the materials and set up the installation and all other parts of the process. You get a price contract with all details spelled out up front then you pay each component directly i.e.. Roof Resource fee, roofing materials and labor to each party. Mike and Kathy at Roof Resources keeps you up to date as you go through the process, who to call and pay and when materials and crew will arrive. The labor was paid after it was completed and we inspected it. At the end of the process I returned the unopened left over materials to the roofing supply store and a few days later received over $400 back from the unused materials. Mike followed up with emails and phone calls to check that everything was done to my satisfaction. I whole heartedly recommend The Roof Resource as a different way of getting a roof replacement and I saved in the process! Det. Brad Wilkinson CSPD Retired
Doug M. Avatar
Doug M.
9/14/2023 - Google
The entire experience was fantastic. Alisha in operations was always in touch with everything that needed to be done. The roofers from Luca Exteriors were exceptional. The roof came out great and the best part was the price. The turnaround from the time of the zoom call with Mike to the finished product was fast. I recommend everyone looking for a new roof to at least contact the Roof Resource. You WILL save money.
John M. Avatar
John M.
6/29/2023 - Google
Kathy and Mike were very informative and answered all of my questions. The entire process went smoothly and everything was on time. Our roof looks amazing!!! Would definitely recommend to all my friends and family.
Mike H. Avatar
Mike H.
6/07/2023 - Google
Just had my roof completed using The Roof Resource and all I have to say is..... TRUST THE PROCESS! I wasn't sure how this would go/end up but was surprised that there are some people/companies who actually do what they say. It was my first major renovation and I can only hope my next project goes this smoothly. Thank you Mike for the help getting me started and especially Kathy for answering all my questions and giving me the assurance during all the phases leading up to and after the install. I would recommend this company in the guidance of getting a new roof for your home.
Mark H. Avatar
Mark H.
6/05/2023 - Google
We started to see some water intrusion evidence on our ceilings so we called a roofing company to come out and perform an inspection. They noted that it looked like our roof was in need of replacement due to a number of signs. Because I'm an engineer, and I need to vet everything, I called two additional companies and had them come out and do inspections as well. Well, the consensus was that we were, in fact, in need of a new roof. We had two of the three roofing companies provide us quotes. The price for each came in pretty high. One company just provided one price, but didn't specify the type of material that would be provided. The second company provided a quote with Good, Better, and Best pricing based on the materials selected. Then we heard about The Roof Resource from a friend, who had heard about them from another friend, who was also a customer. I contacted them through their website, and was blown away by the whole experience. They quoted us one price, using top of the line materials, that was about $10,000 cheaper than the only other quote that we received that specified use of comparable quality materials. So we decided to go with The Roof Resource. We had our roof installed a little over a week ago and we couldn't be more pleased. They hit home runs with just about every opportunity. First, their transparency is amazing. They provide a very detailed material list that includes at cost pricing for every single item needed. (They do not mark-up the material price). Second, you purchase the material straight from the supplier. The huge benefit of this is that YOU own the material, and you can return any material that isn't used. We received over $800 back when I returned the unused materials. You also pay the installers directly, so there is no mark-up on install costs either. We had one minor hiccup with the install, but it was 100% on me for not reading the proposal fully, and the installer was very understanding and patient with us while we worked out the solution. We recommend The Roof Resource 100%. We won't need to ever replace our roof again, because it will certainly outlast us, but we will recommend them to any and everyone we know in need of a new roof. Thanks Roof Resource Team! You guys rock!!
Sarah F. Avatar
Sarah F.
5/24/2023 - Google
Great job and money back! Who could ask for more? Thank you!!
Mathew B. Avatar
Mathew B.
5/23/2023 - Google
Stumbled upon Roof Resource and Im glad I did. It was almost like hiring an assistant to price out companies, get supply bids, orchestrate dumpster, and get things completed. Overall good experience.
Sheryl D. Avatar
Sheryl D.
5/23/2023 - Google
Best price for a new roof, great options to choose from, easy process, no sales people to deal with. My roof looks great. Great experience and would highly recommend them!
Christopher C. Avatar
Christopher C.
5/08/2023 - Google
The company was instrumental in saving us over 40% less than the lowest estimate we obtained from other companies in Detroit Metro area. We got to pick out our own brand of shingle and the warranty is for 40 years which is amazing and covered by GAF. Their network of roofers are all insured and licence builders not sub contractors. Why would you do this any other way? We think they'll take over the industry! They will get Every Rental property we have!

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