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Susan M. Avatar
Susan M.
1/24/2023 - Google
Wow, just wow! Three weeks ago I discovered my parents had sizeable hole in their roof. It had been over 25 years since they had a roof put on and probably 50 years since there was a tear off. I made the decision it was time to get a new roof put on and worried about the cost as we don't have a lot. I was referred to The Roof Resource from a trusted friend and coworker (we work in real estate). Everything ran so smooth and the communication was top notch. I got 200% level of service and product at only 50% of the cost. I saved $12,000 AND got top of the line shingles. It has only been four days since completion but I have already referred them to three people and will continue to do so. Do yourself a favor and give them a call!
Norman R. Avatar
Norman R.
1/22/2023 - Google
If anyone who needs a roof, I would definitely recommend the Roof Resource!! The process isn't like the traditional way of getting a roof done, but it really works and you will save money. I compared pricing, materials with other companies and they gave me the best bang for my buck. Totally transparent with everything from materials to installers. You will know where your money is going to. They are very professional in setting up everything and will answer all your questions. Give the a try and see for yourself. I am very satisfied!!
Tony T. Avatar
Tony T.
1/05/2023 - Google
Very nice people that does quality work.
Terry J. Avatar
Terry J.
10/18/2022 - Google
The Roof Resource was amazing to work with, they made the whole process of getting a quote, scheduling the roof replacement, and coordinating everything so easy. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a new roof to make the Roof Resource your first call. The quote was spot on, my total cost ended up coming just under my quote by a few hundred dollars and that price was hard to beat. I will for sure be using them in the future.
Robert P. Avatar
Robert P.
10/11/2022 - Google
The Roof Resource made purchasing a new roof easier. The roofing industry is broken. Received several quotes from contractors with pricing all over the place. I chose Mike Harvey and his team because he provided me the details I needed to make a decision for choosing a contractor. Mike Harvey was very professional throughout the process. Kathy in operations was great to work with in scheduling the job. The installers were hardworking and protected my home like it was their own. They also did a great job cleaning up. Thanks again for a job well done! The Roof Resource is a service that certainly benefits the homeowner.
Emily S. Avatar
Emily S.
10/04/2022 - Google
What a great experience!! We sat through the roof presentations of five other companies - same talk, different costs. Roof Resource was different from day one. It starts online and is conducted through the phone - LOVED that. The price estimate was $4500 lower than the cheapest estimate we had gotten! Everything went so smoothly - everything! Even when we kept changing our shingle choice - Mike and Kathy were great with the whole process. And we have a gorgeous roof - “driftwood” shingles! There were left over materials when the roofers finished - which we kept and returned to the roofing company - for a full refund! Never had another roofing company tell us about that option! We do highly recommend this company!
Christopher F. Avatar
Christopher F.
9/24/2022 - Google
Mike and Kathy were great to work with helped us all the way to the end save us thousands! And believe me i had 6 different companies out. I heard about Roof Resource on the radio and i contacted Mike right away. 100% satisfied!!!! Thank You Roof Resource you are a life saver! Many Thanks! Chris and Julie
John S. Avatar
John S.
9/24/2022 - Google
I live downriver and engaged The Roof Resource and within 10 days had a new roof complete with edge venting near bottom in front/back of house with ridge venting full length at the very top. I was surprised/impressed by how quickly I received a quote emailed them on a Sunday and had it Monday afternoon because they leverage a technology company -- NearMap --which had an aerial view of house and garage using drones from about 6 weeks old which provided a very detailed and accurate dimensions/square footage also mirrored a 2nd competitive quote who came out measuring by hand. I was stunned that they would have that recent picture of my property. The company that came out for install was here early but didn't start until 9am and was done around 4 15pm same day and used tarps to collect roof debris running a roller with magnet to pick up nails. The Roof Resource pulled permits and performed the registration with the shingle manufacturer Ownens Corning. I selected Duration Sand Dune shingles which use patented sure nail technology -- a fabric woven into shingle where the nails go that increases the strength, They (Roof Resource) referred me to another company for the gutters but haven't reached out to them as of today. I used their network of providers for building materials, dumpster, roof installation which they contact and also manage then I pay them all directly for the associated services plus related costs. All in all pleased with the outcome and can feel the air circulating in the attic. I had to return the surplus supplies i.e. 5 bundles of shingles, etc.... to building supply company for credit keeping 1 bundle for myself. I would also give a shout out to Adam Helfman of Hire It Done which I listen to on Saturday mornings on 97.1 ticket otherwise wouldn't have know about The Roof Resource. I'm sorry it is late otherwise I would go into more detail about the specifics. Thanks, John A. from down river
stephen s. Avatar
stephen s.
9/17/2022 - Google
After getting several quotes for our roof replacement, we got a referral for The Roof Resource. At first we were a bit skeptical, but took a chance. We were very pleased with the outcome.

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