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We don’t sell roofs – we provide simplicity.

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We share with you the simplicity that has been hidden behind the complexity in the roofing industry for decades.

Purchasing a new roof on your home is one of the largest investments you will make while owning your home. And being one of the largest purchases, most don’t have experience to fall back on with how to go about buying a roof, what to look for, brands of shingles, warranty and most of all – how much it will cost?

One call to us and no more stress, worry or concern!

No other roofing company offers what we provide.

When you choose us, we walk you through our step-by-step process, and then show how the numbers are calculated and how you receive cost for your roof.

We review Workmanship Warranties and Lifetime Shingle Warranties (that are included) with all our clients.

I’m sure you are just like our prior customers who selected us and will love the transparency, the honesty, the quality and then, the amount of money you will save!

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Michael Harvey, Founder & CEO

Michael Harvey

Founder & CEO

In 2019 I was an Owner/Partner in a standard, Retail Roofing Company and was part of the madness that homeowners had to endure when they needed to get a new roof. Homeowners are prompted to get quotes from 3 different companies because they don’t know who to trust, then dealing with high-pressure “sign today” tactics, getting one shingle manufacture to choose from and then the standard “price-drops” during the sales presentation, trying to get your business “today”, while homeowners are trying to figure out, what is a good price? Who do I really trust? Does that sound like a good experience when you’re ready to buy a new roof?

In 2020, I had my “Jerry McGuire” moment, after signing a new customer, and I was done. I grew a conscience. This wasn’t right and I was contributing to homeowner stress!

I wanted to make a real difference. I wanted to create a customer experience that was unlike anything that existed in this industry. I wanted to do for everyone what I could do for my family – provide a process in which I’m handling everything – and….it’s at my COST! How can I do that? That was my goal!

One day, I imagined a world that all parts needed to replace a homeowners roof would be at Cost Pricing; that every company involved in the project owns their part of the project and everyone WINS – including the Homeowner; a world of Transparency & Trust, unlike anything ever created. This would become The Roof Resource.

I spent several months creating the model. We started with our 1st customer in March of 2021 and haven’t looked back. We are growing rapidly and soon franchising to bring the savings to homeowners across the country.

We welcome other roofing companies who believe in our Just Cause.

Adam Helfman, Chief Marketing Officer

Adam Helfman

Trusted Advisor

Adam is a known and valued expert in the Home Improvement Industry. He is a fourth-generation contractor, born and raised in the Home Improvement Industry. He was a featured Builder on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Consultant for over two seasons; he has been featured on numerous television programs as the Expert and Host.

Hire It DoneHe created HireItDone.com in 2004 and hosts the radio show Hire It Done on 97.1 The Ticket every Saturday morning, helping homeowners navigate the world of Home Improvement.

While still managing Hire It Done, Adam joins The Roof Resource to help take the brand national with franchising and disrupt the entire Roofing Industry!

“Throughout my three decades working in the home improvement industry as a fourth-generation contractor, homeowners have been advised to always throw out the lowest and highest bids in order to receive top quality service. Now with the Roof Resource, homeowners will ALWAYS receive the best installers in the business and the lowest price for their project.”

Adam Helfman

Hire It Done, Founder

2022 Top Expert Adam Helfman
Colleen Abdoulah

Colleen Abdoulah

Board of Advisors

“It is an honor to work with Mike again and the quality team of people he has partnered with in The Roof Resource. Mike is determined to go ‘back to the future’ by building a business that uses modern technology for convenience, and operates based on old fashioned values of integrity, connection, and the Golden Rule. Trust seems to be a rare commodity these days, and yet this is a team you can trust.”

Colleen Abdoulah, Advisor

Past CEO, Philanthropist, Coach

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We believe in supporting these organizations through the work we do here at The Roof Resource.

Both of these organizations are providing amazing resources and cures, locally and worldwide.

Please look into the following organizations and if you cannot give, please share.

Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation

Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation

The Ora Lee Cancer Research Foundation is amazing. Dr. Nicole Green has presented for the first time the ability to kill cancer in mice in 15 days using some of the most highly regarded technologies today. I lost my Mom to cancer and there wasn’t anything to cure her. In today’s day and age, I believe we can cure all types of Cancer and Dr. Green is a pioneer to make a difference.

Vets Returning Home

Vets Returning Home

Sandy Bowers has given her life to create a place and space for our Vets who are homeless, in transition, needing support like a roof over their head, food, clothing and a place to get back on their feet. I’m that man who will stop at the shopping mall or out for food and shake the hands of everyone in the military and thank them for their service, their sacrifice and commitment to our country.

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“By doing what is right for every homeowner, we have changed the entire roof buying experience and saving our homeowners thousands of dollars. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

— Mike Harvey